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Shaft Bassara Wyvern W Series

MRC GOLF Introduces Bassara? Wyvern

Carlsbad, CA - (February 10th, 2011) - MRC GOLF, INC. introduces the Bassara Wyvern; the fourth wood profile in the Ultra-Light Bassara Series offered by Mitsubishi Rayon. Combining state-of-the-art materials with a unique bend profile; the Bassara Wyvern delivers increased driving distance by maximizing club head speed and velocity at impact. The Wyvern's extra long 47" profile also features slightly lower overall shaft weight that its 46" predecessors providing the platform for the next generation in lightweight shaft technology from Mitsubishi Rayon.

Bassara Wyvern (W-Series)
The Bassara Wyvern series incorporates the same elastic titanium fibers first used in the Bassara Griffin profile launched in January of 2010. The unique elastic characteristics of this fiber - combined with the proprietary Wyvern bend profile - helps deliver more speed at impact that typical lightweight shafts. In addition, the Wyvern profile's extreme lightweight platform combined with the extra length provides players of all ability the opportunity to push the limits of lightweight shafts performance and overall club length if desired.

Bassara W Specifications

NAME Flex Length
Tip O.D.
Tip Length
Butt O.D.
Torque Kick Point
Bassara W33 R 1194 41.0 8.55 75 15.15 5.9 Mid
LITE 1194 41.0 8.55 75 15.15 5.9 Mid
Bassara W43 R 1194 48.0 8.55 75 15.35 5.8 Mid
LITE 1194 47.0 8.55 75 15.30 5.8 Mid
Bassara W53 TS 1194 58.0 8.55 75 15.50 4.4 Mid
S 1194 56.0 8.55 75 15.45 4.5 Mid
SR 1194 55.0 8.55 75 15.40 4.5 Mid
R 1194 54.0 8.55 75 15.35 4.6 Mid

Bassara W Wyvern Series Kick Chart
Credit : Mitsubishi Rayon Golf